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About Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best and most popular browsers in the world. Firefox is convenient, stable and innovate. At the same time the main advantage and disadvantage of Firefox - it's plug-ins and add-ons. Even if you are not installing any add-ons – Firefox still will be the secure and fast browser. Mozilla Firefox is very reliable and you will rarely see any errors or crashes. Usually, all bugs and flaws are briefly fixed by regular updates.

Firefox is an open-source, that’s why it has a strong community and lots of add-ons and plug-ins. TO be exact there is more than 200 000 add-ons and plug-ins which will help you to customize the appearance and functionality of the browser. Also, with the help of those you can basically make your own browser, adapt Firefox for yourself, for your needs. Some plugins such as Adblock, NoScript and others, allows you to make Firefox the most secure browser and downloading plug-ins such as DownloadHelper allows you to download games, music and video from YouTube and other sources.

Also, with Mozilla Firefox you will be able to open simultaneously multiple tabs without influencing the performance of the browser. Sometimes it is very useful, for example when you do some work and use various sources of information like Wikipedia, google and other sites. Of course these days most of the browsers support multiple tabs, but most of them just freezing and crashing when you open too many.

Mozilla Firefox allows you to do a lot of things, there are various guides, tutorials, hints and tips how to improve and make it unique and effective for yourself. The smart search bar on the right side of the address bar will help you to find anything on the internet. You can use multiple search engines. Firefox Sync will grant you an access to the browsing history, bookmarks, open tabs, passwords and other from multiple computers and mobile devices.

Users’ privacy protection is on the first place for Mozilla Firefox, by fixing the flaws in some web standards, thereby eliminating the ability to access your browsing history and bookmarks.

Mozilla Firefox is probably the most extensible and customizable browser on the planet. You can customize control panels, add additional extensions and themes. Like the telescopic fishing-rod, Mozilla Firefox can turn from a small compact browser to the amazingly, multifunctional tool that will help you to explore the World Wide Web. Worth to mention, that Mozilla Firefox was selected as Editor’s Choice by CNet with 5 stars and “Spectacular” rating.

Why do you need to download the latest build of Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10?
Because the latest build is the most recent version of Mozilla Firefox with lots of improves in performance, stability and security.

Which version of Mozilla Firefox I should download for my 64 bit Windows 10?
For 64 bit version of Windows 10 you should download 64 bit version of Mozilla Firefox.

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